Archive 2016

Below is a list of all fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, reviews, and other content featured in Plenitude magazine in 2016.

Fall 2016


Pencil Head,” Suzette Mayr

Edibles,” Sarah Thankam Mathews

Nebula,” Andréa Raymond

The Quiet Revolution,” Reece Cochrane

Poison Hemlock,” Penelope Evans

Playing the Man,” Carly Rosalie Vandergriendt


Collaboration 3,” Kay Gabriel

your white cisgender boyfriend can’t save you from the end of the world,” Kai Cheng Thom

What Lesbians Wear to the Mall,” Jane Byers

Sour Beer for Bitter Hearts,” Adèle Barclay

Star Fag,” Mitchell King

Tenacities of Failure,” Julietta Singh

Dania,” Fawn Parker

Girlhood,” Nolan Natasha Pike

The Vertigo of Eros,” Trenton Pollard

The Word for Secrets,” Lisa Baird

All Things Scarlet,” Carter Vance

Everything We Broke,” Anna Swanson

Fifteen (Lies from my Adolescent Mouth, a Selection),” Brett Josef Grubisic

This dance is not optional,” Emily Sanford

With, Without, With,” Betsy Warland


Good Enough to Eat: A Review of Lucas Crawford’s Sideshow Concessions,” Sugar le Fae

Speaking Past Whiteness: A Review of Vivek Shraya’s even this page is white,” Gwen Benaway

Coming Home in Small Beauty,” Gwen Benaway

Drag Noir Shines Bright,” Latonya Pennington

Brooklyn Bruja Comes of Age in Zoraida Córdova’s Labyrinth Lost,” Latonya Pennington

Bitter, Beautiful Medicine: A Review of Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life,” Asam Ahmad

A Review of Joe Okonkwo’s Jazz Moon,” K. Astre

A Review of Joshua Jennifer Espinoza’s There Should Be Flowers,” Asam Ahmad

A Creation Story for Trans Girls: A Review of Kai Cheng Thom’s Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars,” Gwen Benaway

Making the Ineffable Speak: A Review of Night Sky with Exit Wounds,” Asam Ahmad

Allegories of the Now: A Review of Him, Me, Muhammad Ali,” Asam Ahmad


Collaged Reflections on the Month of June,” Matt Loney

Eight Tips for Writing a Thorough Book Review,” Rachna Contractor

Character in Detail,” Suzette Mayr

An Act of Empathy and Imagination,” interview with Jane Byers

Finding a Voice in Creative Non-fiction,” Sierra Skye Gemma

Approaching Identity in Poetry,” Mitchell King

Creating Mood through Setting,” Fawn Parker

Night Friends: An Excerpt from the Novel Candyass,” Nick Comilla

Spring 2016


Promoted to Glory,” Christine Higdon

From Up River and One Night Only,” Brett Josef Grubisic

Are You Jesus?,” Ambika Thompson

Creative Non-fiction

Nipple Clamps, Vintage Porn, and a Guide for the Naive Homosexual: History with Illustrations,” Brett Josef Grubisic

Our Longest Point,” Greg Marshall

Stephen Was,” Andrew Sarewitz


I Lie on the High Line,” Lucas Crawford

fragments from the belly of the whale,” Erin McIntosh

What Will Sustain Us through the Winter?,” Esther McPhee

My Masculinity,” Julian Paquette

Meet the Author,” Meaghan Rondeau

Naanwich Was the Last Thing,” Kayla Czaga

She Who Kneads the Dough to Lightness,” Shelley Marie Motz

Drinking Sasparilla Root Beer at Donner Pass, 1999,” Nat Marshik

Limp Wrists,” John Stintzi


A Family by Any Other Name Highlights the Value of Literary Representation,” Kennedy Ryan

Snapshots of a Girl Coming Into Herself,” Vivek Shraya

Lessons in Breathing While Gay: A Review of Andy Sinclair’s Breathing Lessons,” Adam Holman

Review: Things I Heard about You,” Malaika Aleba

Meredith Russo’s If I Was Your Girl,” Casey Plett

God in Pink, a Fictional Contemplation on Being Queer While Muslim,” Salma Saadi


Query Project: Cathleen With, Vancouver

Query Project: Rita Wong, Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

Query Project: Marcus McCann, Toronto

Query Project: Jes Battis, Regina

Dagger Imprints: Tracing Impressions and Claiming Space for Queer Women,” DJ Fraser

To Reflect and Refract the World around Us,” interview with Jia Qing Wilson-Yang

Arsenal Pulp Press: Surviving, Thriving, and Paying Attention to Queer Voices beyond Pulp Fiction,” DJ Fraser