Literature Martin Breul Poetry

Moons are suns are looking for each other

I. Vilnius / destination a black grape hovers in the face of heavenly darkness before falling back down towards the streets of the capital straight into your wide open mouth like a warm trap. my eyes don’t follow the descent but I join the applause of our new-found friends nonetheless, my...

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Fiction K.R. Byggdin Literature

Only Gay Mennonite

They’re trying their best. So am I. It’s not enough. “Okay, let’s just pause. Lake, I said pause! I need a second.” The wind is driving snow into everything. Down my boots, up the cuffs of my jacket, under my toque. It’s giving unhinged prairie winter realness, the full sweat-inside-your-parka...

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Aris Keshav Literature Poetry

Leave of Absence

I almost got the certificate before the paperwork passed away. You used to wear confidence in every button of your shirt before the suitcase rolled away with your buttons and the students filed into other rooms. We’ve fallen between the desk and the wall. They listened to you, I know that...

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Amilcar John Nogueira Literature Poetry

didactic trans poem

1. Imagine the poem: something about clothes and makeup, probably fingernails— the pains of paints: ochre, pink, yellow. Or of breasts and tits and dicks and cunts of bodies, (always) bodies. 2. 40% of trans people snort milk from their nose. 30% wake up crying in joy. 75% sweat at the sound of a...

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Fiction Gene Case Literature

The Rupture

“I’ve heard,” says Kristen, shifting gears as she pulls out of the ER parking lot, “I’ve heard that quadriplegics, they can get off to someone stimulating their ear. Is that what this was?” “I’m not quadriplegic,” I say, wishing I’d had the foresight to puncture my left eardrum instead of my right...

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Literature Poetry Shannan Mann

A Child

From India’s dirt forests, into the elephant chest of the West we brought a child. Years erupt on skin. You are larger than Canada!—you are not a child. We all see things we do not want to see. In a white world, my father left my mother—she knew she would be a prisoner as soon as she got a child...

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Plenitude Opens New Submission Category: Genre Bender

Plenitude Magazine’s Genre Bender category is a new call for submissions of hybrid writing. Our aim is to publish work that bends boundaries, to offer a space for literature that doesn’t fit standard conventions of poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction. Does your work blur the lines between...

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