Literature Pamela Mosher Poetry

You Hope This Message Finds Me Well

But how could it not, when you used the precise alphanumeric sequence needed to land your words in my inbox? Not what you meant? Let’s begin again. Sarcasm arrives too easily when I’m nervous. Yes, I am well. As in I am doing well. As in I remember to steady myself with deep breathing when...

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Fiction Literature Nadja Lubiw-Hazard

The Things We Left Behind

Content warning: this story depicts domestic violence and has discussions of sexualized violence. The Johnny Cash records. Well, we left behind all the records, along with that battered record player in the teal case. All of us, when we were little, liked to play with the metal clasp on that case...

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Literature Louie Leyson Poetry

crying at the jay som concert

before lockdown i dreamt that a serpent tried to kill me. so i tattooed it to my forearm in the place of my neck, a vision of black scales & black eyes blazed alight beneath the red of an imaginary sun. when an alien summer leaves you hypomanic it makes perfect sense to carve nightmare...

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Literature Manahil Bandukwala Poetry

I love you, kiss me

I am you in your jewel-domed reading room, I am you in your kayak skimming. —Phyllis Webb The sky was inverted. I called you in the bare yellow night. I am you against the river of clouds, I am you in an energy current shaking down the kitchen walls, you in the contrapuntal stream of two...

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Eve Morton Fiction Literature

Two Warehouse Workers, Not Smoking

“Two Warehouse Workers, Not Smoking” was inspired by the short story “Two Nurses, Smoking,” (The New Yorker, 2020) by David Means, and the investigative journalism of The New York Times. The sign was written in half a dozen languages in order for its meaning to not be mistaken: A Smoke-Free...

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Plenitude Increases Payment to Writers

Plenitude Magazine is increasing payment to its writers! Paying LGBTQ2S+ writers an industry-standard fee for their work is important to us. Thanks to a generous grant from Canadian Heritage’s Canada Periodical Fund, we are able to increase payment to writers as per the following: Poetry: from...

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