Literature Poetry Rob Colgate

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Rob Colgate Finn drowned me         he wanted to               there’s nowhere            to read this and my rubber               filled with lungs               pushed the stretch        of my back thin...

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Fiction Kate Cayley Literature

Bloody Mary

Kate Cayley There was a small bathroom off of the gym changeroom. Grace knew it was almost never used. It was behind a beige door between two rows of lockers, and it only had three cubicles. The bathroom was L-shaped, the cubicles facing the sinks and mirrors, and then a corner that ended in a...

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Literature Poetry Samantha Sternberg


Samantha Sternberg Wafer paper and moonlightspread across the swept table.A fresh pen. Start at the waist. Hands on hips.The small-leaved lime treehad the greatest girth in Łódź, 2017. There must be enough to hold onto.Eat, eat. Few of her words I remember.Six years we shared. Zeyde stayed late...

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Aylin Malcolm Literature Poetry

Hometown Litany

Aylin Malcolm Sell gender to the highest bidder. Curate crisis. Have graceless breakdownover plans made. Undothe bed, shiver. A day weighed downwith hashtags: new year,                             new war. Splinters of time and death, merepartitioning the river. Noone...

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Creative Non-fiction Leanne Dunic Literature

Why Do You Kiss Everyone

Leanne Dunic A woman who was in my kindergarten class remembers me as the girl who had a crush on the Ghostbusters. I didn’t crush on all of the Ghostbusters, mainly the quirkier of the bunch: Egon Spengler and Peter Venkman. In Venkman, I found humour, self-confidence, street-smarts, and...

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Literature Poetry William Vallières

The Sleepover

Courtney Love on all night in his low attic roomtesting with toes, jokes that weren’t jokesand soon, the lingering hand— how I loved his lingering hand!Fingers in the boxer band, our hardness!I shook in the sheetsout of joy for him that night. The next morning was Lady Di’s funeraland we were...

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