Fawn Parker Literature Poetry


Fawn Parker


I should’ve stayed there in the halo of your gleaming macbook pro,
your chastity plate, your voodoo object.
But I got distracted, wondering
how many times this has been done better to you before.

Hard to believe just yesterday I was in the bathroom,
my face smothered in rose clay and Canadian willowherb.
You floated in the bath, surrounded by the white ceramic,
the lukewarm water.

You would be so mad, Dania.
You squeeze my hand so tight when others are around.
You would be so mad if you knew I let her use her mouth.
Anyway I didn’t like it.

I can spend hours online
reading the articles that tell me now is the worst time for us.

Funny how I’m being bad and you’re the one who won’t give.


Fawn Parker headshotFawn Parker is a writer from Toronto currently based in Montreal. Her collection, Looking Good and Having a Good Time, was published in 2015 by Metatron. She is the managing editor of The Puritan and senior editor of Bad Nudes.