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Jes Battis The Query Project Writers’ Room

Jes Battis, Regina

Lizards and Brokenhearts: Reading in the Teenage Wasteland As a teenager, I was terrified of the letters HQ. That was the call number given to gay literature at the public library, with its murky koi pond and drug dealing after dark. I’ve since come to love those two letters in tandem—a few of...

Marcus McCann The Query Project

Marcus McCann, Toronto

How could it be otherwise? I can’t keep a copy of Stan Persky’s Buddy’s: Meditations on Desire in the house. I make the same mistake: lending it to lovers—should I even call it lending?—and then, once I come to my senses, buying a replacement copy for myself. Lather, rinse, repeat. I feel...

Rita Wong The Query Project

Rita Wong, Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

“All this shouting and hollering won’t solve anything—it will only make us tired and enemies. We all have to live together in this village…” —from Her Head a Village by Makeda Silvera. Press Gang was a feminist press whose closing I still mourn to this day. Before it shuttered in 2002...

Cathleen With The Query Project

Cathleen With, Vancouver

When I was younger there were three books that had great influence on me, for different reasons. The Handmaid’s Tale was one. And when I read it, I immediately started reading it again. Because there was a lesbian in it. Never mind she wasn’t the main character (though I often made the main...

Carrie Mac The Query Project

Carrie Mac, Vancouver

It’s cruel to ask a writer to pick just one book, ever, for any reason. And so, in this case, I’m going with two—a particular pairing at a particular time. When I was sixteen, I gobbled up Anne Cameron’s backlist until I came to The Journey. I slowed down then, because I never wanted it to...

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