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Alex Leslie, Vancouver

Alex Leslie, Vancouver

“Casey Plett’s A Safe Girl To Love (Topside Press) is a book of stories about friendship, parenthood, celebrating and fearing your identity, and the rough road to finding community.

“I love Plett’s book for the brave sweep of relationships—a parent/child bond between two trans women; a friendship that begins in a bookstore, includes a trip to a trans woman’s conservative religious home community, and ends, as many friendships do, with an email; and a new, breathless relationship between two young women.

“Read this book!!”

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Alex Leslie’s collection of stories, People Who Disappear (Freehand 2012), was shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award for Debut Fiction. The author of a chapbook of microfictions, 20 Objects for the New World (Nomados 2011), and a volume of prose poems, The things I heard about you (Nightwood 2014), Alex is currently working on We All Have To Eat, a collection of stories.