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Teresa Goff, Oshawa

Teresa Goff, Oshawa

Teresa Goff

“If you want to be considered a good mother, there are things you do not admit. It is a simple equation. If you are not a good mother, the corollary is bad and if you are queer, you are already battling stereotypes. But the truths of parenthood aren’t pretty and that’s why I love Carellin Brooks’ Fresh Hell: Motherhood in Pieces. It made me laugh out loud. Okay, it actually made me snort. The writing is sharp, the stories as honest as they are hilarious.

“If you have endured the first year of a baby’s life, as caregiver or confidante of one, this book says everything you may have muttered, whispered, or heard. It’s a welcome reminder that transgressive and parent can be uttered in the same breath.”

Teresa Goff teaches journalism at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario, and is the Books and Literature editor for The University of British Columbia’s Trek magazine. She has worked as a magazine editor and radio documentarian and is the transgressive mother of two active boys.