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Creative Non-fiction Literature Peter KS Yu

Our Bathroom Reno

Peter KS Yu he powdery veins of white pigment float within the deep gray field of our concrete bathroom floor, wisps of cloud in a dark sky. My husband Neil and I put so much intention into making that floor just right. We first conjured a shared vision—a floor with depth, transparency...

Alison Dowsett Creative Non-fiction Literature

What Literature Wants

Alison Dowsett   I. As Idea Years ago my friend sent me a draft of an essay she was writing for The Capilano Review titled, “What Literature Wants.” Several years before, we had been neighbours, which is when she introduced me to the work of Clarice Lispector and Hélène Cixous. She was a...

C. E. Gatchalian Creative Non-fiction Literature

On A Streetcar Named Desire

C. E. Gatchalian   In short, I woke up and began feeling, if not yet living, outside my head. That’s what happened when I first encountered A Streetcar Named Desire. May 5, 1987 Spent seven hours again today practising. After not a single first-place finish at the festival I must do...

Creative Non-fiction Evelyn Deshane Literature

Women Put Their Hands on Me

Evelyn Deshane 1. The first time it happened, my best friend was there. I was first under the needle since my design would need more time. I asked for a custom job; she went for flash. The buzz of the machine thrilled me, and though I made a face as the needle pricked my skin, the pain of the...

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