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Creative Non-fiction Greg Marshall Literature

Our Longest Point

Greg Marshall Only after Dad broke his neck diving into the ocean in Hawaii did we start playing tennis together. Partly, this was a matter of timing. I was ten at the time of the accident; Dad was forty-two. More importantly, though, it was a matter of handicapping. It took Dad fracturing his top...

Charles Demers Creative Non-fiction Literature

Excerpt: The Horrors

H for Heteronormativity Charles Demers   hen I was about twenty years old, my brother around seventeen, our dad took us out for what was meant to be a nice family dinner at one of Vancouver’s tackiest sushi restaurants. Fairly close to a university, the place’s tagline was “Miso Horny”...

Creative Non-fiction Literature Nicola Harwood


Nicola Harwood   Note about names and pronouns: Names have been changed in this story to protect privacy. Around the age of seventeen, Antwan changed her name and asked to be referred to as female. She has asked that we use male pronouns when referring to the times before then when she still...

Creative Non-fiction Literature Sierra Skye Gemma

Spare Change

Sierra Skye Gemma   This piece first appeared in Plenitude magazine, Issue 2. Published here with permission from the author.   he first time I see Stacey, I am standing in front of the courthouse on S.W. Morrison, in downtown Portland, Oregon. I’m with all the other punks in our usual...

Creative Non-fiction Literature Rhiannon Catherwood

Squeaky Wheels

Rhiannon Catherwood   hen I was ten years old, I ran away by accident. Every day at recess, I sought out the same secluded alcove in the outer wall of the school. I would sit, take out a spiral notebook, and write, relying on a plastic digital watch to let me know when my thirty minutes were...

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