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Fiction Glen Huser Literature

Coffee Boys

Glen Huser   hen the Laundromat that anchored the west corner of his high rise was transformed into a coffee shop, Adam celebrated by inviting his two closest friends to the opening. There had been complimentary coffee coupons in the mailboxes of all the tenants of the building and some of...

Alex Leslie Fiction Literature

Excerpt: We All Need to Eat

Alex Leslie   We All Need to Eat (Book*hug, 2018) is a collection of linked stories from award-winning author Alex Leslie that revolves around Soma, a young queer woman in Vancouver. Through thoughtful and probing narratives, each story chronicles a sea change in Soma’s life. Lyrical...

Ben Rawluk Fiction Literature

Plague Boy

Ben Rawluk   lague Boy shows up to the walk-in clinic on Davie fifteen minutes before it opens and there’s already a line all the way to the entrance of the Shoppers Drug Mart next door. Sleepwalkers and ghosts, mostly, except for the old guy hunching his shoulders forward and complaining...

Fiction Literature Rachel Lallouz

Eyes Like Limpid Pools

Rachel Lallouz   Falling in love with women taught me how to read poetry [properly]. I was trying to explain to a questioning friend what making love with a woman was like. She had inquired. I was also trying to convince her to sleep with me. “I could show you beautiful things,” I said. I...

Fiction Literature Ron Schafrick

Two Friends

Ron Schafrick   t’s June again, which means another Pride, only this year it’s raining, and I’m glad. I’m with my friend Glace and we’re sitting in a restaurant on Church Street. It’s Saturday night, and ordinarily on Pride weekend you can forget about finding an eatery with a free...

Casey Plett Fiction Literature

Little Fish

Casey Plett   he night Wendy’s Oma died, she had sex dreams. Only sometimes did she have sex dreams—usually Wendy had nightmares and usually she was being chased or hurt. But this morning in her dreams when her Oma died, a girl was fucking her over an old television in an abandoned...

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