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Annick MacAskill Literature Poetry


Annick MacAskill The universe gets a little heavy-handed when you’re around—the Bow still green all these kilometers down river; two geese and their tuft of fledgling: proof that the universe was once the size of a gumball. Time is a rubber band, we joke. Nothing like looking over and seeing...

Creative Non-fiction Literature Peter KS Yu

Our Bathroom Reno

Peter KS Yu he powdery veins of white pigment float within the deep gray field of our concrete bathroom floor, wisps of cloud in a dark sky. My husband Neil and I put so much intention into making that floor just right. We first conjured a shared vision—a floor with depth, transparency...

Fiction Kaitlin Ruether Literature


Kaitlin Ruether ne. Bright and fluid music softened Harriet as she emerged, three weeks ago, from Bloor-Yonge station into the pupil-sting of day. She ascended the subway steps and turned the corner to encounter three violinists, a cellist, and a percussionist whose snap-tap-tap snare rhythm...

James Collier Literature Poetry


(For mobile devices, this poem is best read in orientation / landscape screen mode.)   James Collier anonymous bumps in the darkwe body and couple and   bodywe strict    structures    just   too    tired    forwe   send   lovlies     that we  wont  see  spoken  heardwe ...

Literature Poetry Zoë Johnson


Zoë Johnson I dunno When I talk about my gender, I always end up leaning s i d e w a y s My vertebrae begin to bend into               the shape of the word sorta See, I’ve been trying to solve the equation Of internal chickness and dude-ittude for years But when I try plotting the...

A. Light Zachary Literature Poetry

Friday nights at the bigender drive-in

A. Light Zachary A movie called Alien vs. Predator in which we go back in time to fight everyone who hurt us when we were young. A movie called Cowboys vs. Aliens about watching our backs at the club. A movie called Village of the Damned about our neighbourhood. A version of Invasion of the Body...

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