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Literature Matt Broomfield Poetry

all orphans of the bushmeat trade

Matt Broomfield   Q: have you had unprotected anal sex with a man in the last 72 hours? A: i have fed a dying gorilla peanut butter in a strip-lit hallway.   Q: were you the receptive partner? now he is suspended between us. technicians dress and jug him, though he is still living...

Fiction Literature Rachel Lallouz

Eyes Like Limpid Pools

Rachel Lallouz   Falling in love with women taught me how to read poetry [properly]. I was trying to explain to a questioning friend what making love with a woman was like. She had inquired. I was also trying to convince her to sleep with me. “I could show you beautiful things,” I said. I...

Hong Nguyen-Sears Literature Poetry

A Secret Kept

Hong Nguyen-Sears   Under the man’s face is a second face, but he will never let you see it. While he’s asleep you could find the flap on the side of his jaw with your fingernails. You could peel it back, this other face, this outside face—if you were brave and quick. He wouldn’t stay...

Creative Non-fiction Evelyn Deshane Literature

Women Put Their Hands on Me

Evelyn Deshane 1. The first time it happened, my best friend was there. I was first under the needle since my design would need more time. I asked for a custom job; she went for flash. The buzz of the machine thrilled me, and though I made a face as the needle pricked my skin, the pain of the...

Literature Poetry Savannah Oliker

Night Choir

Savannah Oliker   I am five rows behind a pair of lovers, their heads bowed toward one another like white doves. Someone enters from the street— in a cobalt poncho and a big red hat. I cannot see her face— but I know she is a woman by the smallness of her and the shifty movement of her...

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