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So Good

Michelle Poirier Brown

Not just any so good. So good
the way you say so good. The way
you close your eyes and sink
into your breath. The way
you weep with me when I am happy.
So good the way you greet your animals.
So good the way you greet your tea.

It’s infatuation.
It always is.
That adoration of
that I fall subject to.
Am moved to speak. Adore.
Which explains the singing.

We speak of daughters.
We navigate our lives in view.
For accuracy. Direction.
Test everything for art.
Marvel at the willfulness of hair,
healing power of yellow tulips.


Michelle Poirier Brown is a Cree Métis poet, currently living in Lekwungen territory (Victoria). Her poem “Wake” was awarded PRISM international’s 2019 Earle Birney Poetry Prize. Her poetry was recently included in the chapbooks stripped layers of skin from heart: A Collection of Voices by Indigenous Poets in Canada, Fresh Voices: Tending the Fire (both from the LCP Chapbook Series, 2020), and Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds (Caitlin Press, 2020).

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  • I love this poem: it captures that feeling perfectly, of adoring someone and the experience of adoration. My favourite line is “Which explains the singing.”