Joelle Barron Literature Poetry


Joelle Barron

“These Texas gals are passionate about God’s beautiful design for womanhood…” –

Blonde godheads, god girls, proselytizing
YouTube doll babies. Their blog favicon

a white-panty period stain. Sweet girls,
what do they desire? Girldefined, ecstatic

girl-tongue. Girl is Jesus’ daughter and his
wife. White Jesus with pecs and a six

pack, blank Ken-doll genitals. God
Made You Beautiful, Despite

How Ugly You Feel. How nice that was
of God. He defined girl; God said girl

is a hole to spit in. God girls want to get
thumped by God’s beam-of-light

cock. Girldefined sisters, sister-wives
of Christ, trying to get him hard,

but the world’s aborted fetuses are God’s
anti-Viagra. God girls see me

in their analytics, typing lesbian
into the search bar. Not defined here

as girl. Girldefined girls define God
so literally. He’s a dude in a basement

with a sign that says Man Cave.
Hard at work creating the pussy.


Joelle Barron is a poet and writer living on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe of Treaty 3 (Kenora, ON). Their first collection of poetry, Ritual Lights (icehouse poetry, 2018) was nominated for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, and was a finalist for the Dayne Ogilvie Prize for Emerging LGBTQ Writers. Joelle works as a program coordinator for a 2SLGBTQ+ youth group. They live with their wife and daughter.