Liselle Yorke Literature Poetry


it used to be the world, singular
sitting on your shoulders
now it’s each of you
we’ve become so individualized

the frayed end of a tassel
i don’t know who or what
is the single thread holding us
together at the top
but it’s precarious, no

i want to weave around you
not the finesse of a braid
more the semi secure jumble
of a haphazard knot

when you think a thing
can be simply unravelled
but you end up sitting down
fingers digging in
it’s togetherness
at very least

Liselle Yorke is a Trinidadian-Canadian artist based in Toronto, using poetry to express a desire to rid herself of assumptions and dig into people, herself and society. With an untethered curiosity that does not seek neat conclusions; her writing strives to create windows that display a community who celebrates, protects, and respects individuality.