Literature Poetry Sean O'Connell

the core empties

i fear the deluge of careerists tapping concrete in oxfords & ballet flats

chic folx in Barbour & Burberry coats released from desks to trains or after hours off king west dead ass with pretty young things, all beauties and good vibes only—so kalos kagathos—made flaccid by business manz coke

or i could go traipse the medicated droves released to cars in suburban lots locked in stretch malls whose tentacles (the roads that lead to Oshawa) choke farmland by widening the 401

or maybe I’m afraid of crowds

or frightened of algorithms synergized by management consultants grinding Raybans on Ombré dye jobs

because I know this pro, who hates being drunk, is trying to stop her study of the waiter

Sean O’Connell is a 30 year old settler living in Tkaronto. He identifies as bi-sexual and lives with bipolar disorder. This is his first publication.