Catherine Lewis Literature Poetry

Pretend That Giving Up Avocado Toast Will Save You

and aspire to something that looks like love.
Or is it just the margarine version?

Try to do all the things
originally on your five-year plan.

Pretend they are still achievable.
Pretend they will make you happy

since what makes you happy can change
within a single unexpected glance.

How what you once thought you wanted,
you are so grateful to have never received.

Love always has a price: how often do you
dare to do the math? Calculate how far off

track you diverged from your five-year plan
with each year of failures. The rest of your life:

now a vast unknown. Still, you might have
wanted better for yourself than to get your heart

shattered on a semi-regular basis.

Catherine Lewis is a Chinese Canadian writer based in Vancouver. Her debut chapbook ZIPLESS (845 Press) is a finalist for the 2021 Bisexual Book Awards. Her work is published or forthcoming in The Humber Literary Review, Pulp Literature, PRISM international and The Fiddlehead. Catch her on Twitter/Instagram at @cat_writes_604 or at