Griffin Epstein Literature Poetry

nothing holy

someday there will be
more doors

someday we
with ambiguous
accidental bodies
who carry the debt
of shame in the thread
of our bones will no
longer need to be

someday we will learn
to see the shadows on
our faces   rivered impressions
at the spill of our hips
for what they are

marks from where
we brushed against
another living universe

where no one has
to be small or
infinite to be

where children are named
for the light where it
happens to fall

and the caterpillar
can spin a cocoon
to emerge
still a caterpillar

but new

griffin epstein is a non-binary settler, professor, and community-engaged researcher in Toronto (Dish with One Spoon). They are the author of so we may be fed (Frog Hollow Press, 2021), and a member of shrunken studios. Their poetry has appeared in CV2, Grain, and The Maynard. Find them at: