Anthony DiPietro Literature Poetry

Grindr User Agreement

Anthony DiPietro


If a user asks what clothes

and pose you want him ready in

when you step across his threshold—

ass up, naked, like his photo?—do not

mistake his kindness for philanthropy.

You may, on recognition of false

statements or visual representations—

his profile pic’s not him, or decades old—

simply press cancel, return home

and power on the app again.

Should you choose to accept compensation

contingent on acts performed,

please specify currency. Press “Apply.”

Traditionally oral earns less

than anal, bottoms more than tops,

highest bonus paid for kissing.

Our platform currently isn’t

equipped for chip card encryption

or identifying information

such as credit score. Be informed

some matches lack capacity to intensify

romantically. The converse is also true.

You must report status changes

unless you forget or feel lazy.

Communication’s key to our community

standards. See Confidentiality

Disclosure in our Legal Section.

We do not disparage any sexual

practice, but acknowledge

some competitor services may be

better suited to such fetishes named

in the Acronyms Section.

This is not reflective of opinions

of management or our parent company.

Note that service may be spotty

in the Virgin Islands. Insert your

initials here if you agree: 


Anthony DiPietro headshotAnthony DiPietro is a Rhode Island native who worked for twelve years in community-based organizations that addressed issues such as violence, abuse, and income inequality. In 2016, he moved to New York to join Stony Brook University as a candidate for a creative writing MFA and now teaches undergraduate courses. A graduate of Brown University with honours in creative writing, his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The American Journal of Poetry, Anomaly, Assaracus, The Good Men Project, Helen, Rogue Agent, The Southampton Review, Talking River, and The Woman Inc. His website is