Issue 3

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Inside Issue 3:

  • Louise Nevelson’s sculpture, Sky Cathedral, talks to a precocious and lonely seven year old in Amber Dawn’s “The Nevelson.” Brett Josef Grubisic transforms Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing into the tale of two gay couples in 1970s rural British Columbia. Casey Plett presents the heartbreaking yet ordinary evening of one trans woman as she reunites with an ex-girlfriend. Poetry for jellyfish, anonymous Grind users, Colonel Victor Barker . . .
  • John Barton challenges the concept of “universality,” a term often used by critics and readers to praise a work for its depth and insight into the human condition, yet rarely applied to work which reflects queer characters or experiences.
  • Issue 3 features new writing from both award-winning and emerging writers such as Amber Dawn, John Barton, Brett Josef Grubisic, Daniel Zomparelli, Aaron Michael Kline, Helen Polychronakos, Rosie Garland, Adrienne Gruber, Michael Dunwoody, Sarah L. Johnson, Casey Plett, Svetlana Kitto, and Sandra Weyant.
  • Another kick-ass cover, this time by Montréal artist Eloisa Aquino, author of the series of illustrated mini biographies The Life and Times of Butch Dykes.

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