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Fiction L.S. Redding Literature

Afternoon Tea

Deirdre opens the door, a vision of opulence with onyx hair and topaz eyes. One look at her and Cassie forgets about Ben and the kids. She finds herself in the narrow entryway of Deirdre’s apartment. Cooking smells of oil and garlic permeate the air, settling in her throat. “It’s been too long!”...

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Ellen Chang-Richardson Literature Poetry

A Node in the Nebulae

Liquid dark slides down our throats, sloshing against curved glass. I place my goblet back on the dash. The evening air shifts, a mineral of many disguises. Body twines within itself. Groaning from the cold, the liver and the heart sit — at the centre of our existence. † A deep and pulsating gloomp...

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Lisa Richter Literature Poetry

The Invention of Memory

And while I may look like a prophecy-monger, we shall confine our attention to the clump of houses in a seaport subdivision, home to Lancelotti the Italian abbot, a respectable and veracious man save for his tentacle suckers, big as saucer lids. Absolutely I am governed by sunbeams. When death...

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Annick MacAskill Fiction Literature

Shelter in Place

I love you pandemic o sweet sweet pandemic. I love you new flu I love you flattening the curve I love you doors closed people inside families hidden from view. I love you whatever it is that brings Eva and me to each other’s mouths finally and our shaking panting wanting. Like dogs, I want to...

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Articles News Shawn Syms

Shawn Syms Joins Plenitude as Book Reviews Editor

We are excited to announce that Shawn Syms has joined the Plenitude team as our new Book Reviews Editor! Shawn comes with a wealth of experience in the Canadian literary sphere, including past associate and contributing editor to The Winnipeg Review and reader for The Ex-Puritan and This Magazine...

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Literature Moni Brar Poetry


I look no further than the edge of my body my map to gather you oh brother my brother my brown skinned brethren my kin and distant loves my turbaned uncles my unclejis crowned like kings backs alder straight I gather you from the bastion of a ship a ship that sat ashore my uncles whose feet did not...

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Literature Matthew Stepanic Poetry

Boyfriend won’t say the word

I don’t mind you’ve put on a little       actually I’m attracted to         boys      do we deserve a snack tonight?        what you eat really isn’t that healthy                          we should exercise more            I can police your food if you’d like      you shouldn’t wear a shirt that...

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Articles News

We’re Hiring a Book Reviews Editor!

This position has now been filled. Thank you for your interest! Plenitude Magazine is seeking a permanent, part-time book reviews editor! The candidate will work to oversee the regular online publication of book reviews from prominent and up-and-coming LGBTQ2s+ authors. Plenitude publishes one...

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