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Annick MacAskill Literature Poetry

Classic Myths to Read Aloud

In summer the grass turned yellow & long, the light grew its leaves over my arm, we kept plants in the classroom, & once, a bunny rabbit. My mother said to bring it home, & there it stayed, till autumn fell upon our faces like the blood-salt of obligation. I & my sister wandered the...

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Fiction Literature Shaelin Bishop


The woman smoking meth across from the bodega looks like your sister, so you offer her a pack of cigarettes and forty-three dollars if she’ll pretend to be her for one night. You could afford to pay more, but this is all you have in cash and she takes it. Up close, she looks less like Reed: acne...

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David Ly Literature Poetry

Ways to Deal with Worry

1.  Write what you worry about on sticky notes.     Throw them on the ground and draw a circle of water around them.     Sprinkle salt onto the circle to light it on fire. 2.  Start by texting, “I’m worried that…” in a message to yourself.     Think about how sweet pecan pie...

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Fiction Literature T. Liem

Over Two Decades of Dedicated Maintenance

This one Sunday night I stood in my bathroom with the door open while Cass talked me through her most recent horrible week. Cass was tall, blonde, thin. Light on light on light. Except, she kept her long hair dyed bright colours and wore baggy clothes with a lot of patterns. This all had the effect...

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Katie Cameron Literature Poetry

Ode to my ears

Pain thuds the drum before I leave the ear appointment, but the clinic staff wave me out the door. The throbs become thumps of bass through floor boards and I call 811, wincing against my pillow. The thumps release into fizzing, then sputtering I laugh off over tea and a roommate’s raised...

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Literature Poetry Sarah M. Wilson

Blackberry Picking

after Claudia Rankine / Today: You perch at your kitchen table, a swell of distraction surrounding your screen: discarded wristwatch, stained cotton wipes full of thick black nailpolish, your third pot of bitter tea. You click between determination and avoidance, between the crushing metronome of...

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