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Literature Maureen Hynes Poetry

The Juggler

After the painting, The Juggler, by Spanish surrealist, Remedios Varo (1908-1963) Yesterday a great many pellets of graupel shot out of the low grey sky— bouncing ice-balls! Spring’s thunderous shout muffled by its cloudy facemask. We have been too knotted into death counts & pollen...

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Join Our Board of Directors

Are you passionate about queer and trans literature in Canada? Do you want to support the growth and development of Plenitude Magazine? Plenitude Publishing Society is seeking volunteers to bring unique skills and experiences to its Board of Directors, and we want to hear from you. Our...

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Ashley Van Elswyk Literature Poetry

Garden Party

Pear trees line the grove, netting the sun, sheltering the predators encroached behind the thick green leaves and bodies fat and round. You pass me a knife and ask if I would carve a feast for you, a garden under golden skies and pear skin peels as cries of insects pitch the air. Fireweed...

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Creative Non-fiction Joseph Jay Literature

Popeye & Sweet Pea

At many stages throughout my life, I often wondered: If I were the same age as my dad, would we have been friends? I knew my dad loved me, but did he like me? Whenever I cleared my mom and sister out of the living room by letting a particularly loud one rip, Dad would grin and say “Like father...

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Literature Poetry Shanai Tanwar


“The one you would choose: Were you led then by him?” “What longing, O Yaar, is controlled in real time?” —Agha Shahid Ali (Ghazal) i dreamt of tulips today they opened their mouths in a yawn the kind that engulfs the sun in its vacuous mouth like a little hurricane; the sort of yawn that...

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