Billeh Nickerson Literature Poetry

Winnipeg Sucks

Billeh Nickerson


When my friend challenged me
to write a poem
about the Winnipeg police

who accidentally turned on
the speakers
to their taxpayer-funded helicopter

only to broadcast a lurid tale
of blowjobbery and oral salaciousness
to the communities below

I was momentarily titillated
as the only thing men love
almost as much as blowjobs

is talking about blowjobs
and thinking
about blowjobs

but then I thought to myself
what if the officers instead
were sucking each other off

and all that slurping
and choking and lipsmacking joy
blared down to the citizens below?

Now that would be a poem.


billeh_main_20140508Billeh Nickerson is writer, editor and educator who lives and loves in Vancouver. His most recent collection, Artificial Cherry, was nominated for the 2014 City of Vancouver Book Award.