Jamie Kitts Literature Poetry

This is not a poem, it’s a meme

after “Dick from a Girl with Autism”

I love autistic gay trans queens
Us sensual sensory gals
Euphoric smut and top-shelf memes
From squishy a-spec pals

High-stim, low-stim
Not him, zmm zmm
Tattoos, role play
Bound by the High Fae
Head pats for days and no more shame
I hear you call my name

I wanna give you the world, gorl
I wanna give you ZA WARUDO
You over heaven, me in your eyes,
Girl, I’m so fucking glad we’re not guys
Gender’s fake but we are not

Toss me in your sour cream
Pull me apart like Fries Supreme
Take your titty sprinkles from my sore new Cinnabon ass
Good girls take their hormones with a splash of Blåhaj Blast

Like cheesy saucy poetry, girldick is a basic need
Whisper when you bite my ear, Now THAT’S fucking neuroqueer


Jamie Kitts is a transfeminine poet living on the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Wolastoqiyik People. She is also the Managing Editor and Homerow Chapbook Series Editor of Qwerty Magazine, where you can find her joint chapbook All Things to Keep You Here by Egg Poets. Her first solo chapbook, Girl Dinner, is forthcoming with Emergency Flash Mob Press.