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Catching Fire (Or Waiting For You)

Lynx Sainte-Marie


I stand by the window.
The night endures, and shadows are suffered
by streetlamps. They mourn for the darkened lull
of True Winter: that stillness where light is
starved, begging for penance.

For a while I had sat by my desk, looking
busy. My eyes moved
silently along the walls, listening
for knuckles to hit wood.
You always took your time,
each knock seemed a syllable
awaiting interruption.

So when you never came,
I pressed my ear against the door—
I thought maybe you heard my heart
speaking, and took your hesitance
for patience.

The teapot steam sighs
as the shutters close.
The drapes are torn apart,
each panel tied back against
the pane—like the way I tuck you
under and out of my mind. A drastic
separation so my thoughts won’t see
the morning sun and catch fire.


Lynx Sainte-MarieLynx Sainte-Marie is a (dis)Abled/chronically ill Jamaican-Canadian, Non-Binary Gender, Afro+Goth Poet and student who breathes art, social justice, anti-oppression, critical social work and feminism/s that decentralize whiteness & cisheteronormativity. Lynx is the creator of QueerofGender, a grassroots organization and transnational visibility project, celebrating the various experiences of gender within Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities.