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Plenitude now available at Glad Day Bookshop!

Thank you to everyone who came out to The Steady Cafe on Thursday, June 12th! It was a great night, lots of fun, and such an appreciative audience.

We’d also like to thank The Steady Cafe for hosting the event, and Scott Dagostino at Glad Day Bookshop for his support. Thank you also to Vici Johnstone at Caitlin Press who allowed me to do some of the organizing for this event during work hours!

Publishing a literary magazine is a labour of love, requiring a lot of time from dedicated and passionate volunteers, and it is incredibly validating to have the support of other queer organizations and businesses such as Glad Day Bookshop in Toronto.

So if you’re in that big city, please go say hi to Scott, buy a book — buy Plenitude — and have a wonderful WORLD PRIDE!

The Steady Cafe on June 12th

The Steady Cafe on June 12th