Literature Poetry Tracy Wai de Boer

maybe basically

Tracy Wai de Boer


if we’re counting
i’d count for half

they tell me
what i am

not quite
but almost

they tell me what i am
does not exist
there’s no such thing
as what i am

they say,
if they believed in
gay    or    straight
then i’d be just one
right ?

maybe basically
what could i say

defined by
my almost
my basically
and tentative

but always,
not quite
always   almost
trying, proving

but not quite
counting for one


Tracy Wai de Boer is a writer living in Toronto. Her work has been published in Catapult, Hypatia, and the anthology, Front Lines. In 2017, Tracy attended the Emerging Writer’s Intensive at the Banff Centre. She is currently completing her PhD in philosophy. “maybe basically” is her first published poem.