Katrina Lemaire Literature Poetry

Homegrown Prairie Love

a speckled bloat of metal-ridged rooftops
come to life from deep
under the roots of blue grama grass

stuck over a cast of wither-dry sun beams
boredom is rampant

plastered in checkered flannel top
countertop stale coffee over a pot
she is homegrown straight from chernozemic soil

Moose Jaw is an
open-mouthed gap
of storefronts
grassy-paved lots

all counted row on row on row of
dirt road

the airport is on a strip of baked dirt
a cooked plate of durum wheat and mustard peas

her head dips towards the horizon eye
toasted from the dried rind of apricots and stale pilsner

Katrina Lemaire is an emerging Canadian poet and fiction writer from Southern Ontario. She was recently a finalist for Sunspot Lit’s Geminga contest and featured in the One Page Poetry Anthology 2022.