Literature Poetry Vivian Li


CW: Mentions of suicide

Look inside your skin. Reverse it, snake hide. Bubble wrap.
A gift. Sifting darkness. Proposals. Threats.
You cannot control. Look within your meat. The flesh, the blood. Hemoglobin
you wish could clot.
Sudden hypothermia. Induced CO. You learned to label monoxide in Chem 12,
but you never learned it could kill you.
Other music box possibilities: overdose in pills. Trains. Deep grey.

Like a hawk, or an eternal marriage prayer. Palm with palm, psalm singing If Only.
Eagles fly, kicking skies into roiling pools. WhyamIherewhyamIherehowcanIceasebeinghere

Please. Stop writing. Too much leaving and a book will stale. Too much truth will choke lose suspend swallow



Stop. Trying. To. Lose.

Vivian Li is a bi-sexual writer and musician who enjoys exploring obscure and intriguing concepts. Her work can be found in This Magazine, Mad Scientist Journal, and elsewhere. An editor for Augur, she can be reached @eliktherain.