Jake Byrne Literature Poetry

Polyamorous Love Song

Jake Byrne

My second boyfriend’s husband’s boyfriend pulls the page of cups

I feel the only way I should: ecstatically

We’ve put on the red light

Concrete floor wet with verruca and lube

A dampness on my perineum

I composed this poem while David fucked me

and apologized for not being fully present with him

In mind if not bodily

What are these bodies

These pillars of light

That decay the further

We amble from our source

Who taught me this body was small

Who told me this was wrong?

Perhaps you ought to fear us after all

The force that drives the flower

Lightning through our daisy chains

The wild oats that sow a robust stalk

How can I, God

Have been so blessed

That Thou has failed to satisfy me

That Thou has birthed me crawling

Towards a light in them

I cannot see but know I need

To experience

The sensation of air coming into my lungs

From his ribs

And his

And his?

Jake Byrne is a queer writer. His poem “Parallel Volumes” won CV2’s Young Buck Poetry Prize for 2019. His work has appeared in Bat City Review, The Puritan, and The Fiddlehead, among others. He is a settler based in Tkaronto, on land governed by the Dish with One Spoon covenant.