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Isabel Yang

On our first date, I throw crumbs to water-
               fowl. She says bread makes birds sick,
It’s like junk food for them. Don’t
               let them eat the crust.

On our second date, he pushed fingers in, and I
opened up,

thinking it was the same

anodyne reflection on convenience
store tile.

On the third date, they saw
a daughter, profligate-grey, who would

in park-side deli find porcelain jowl. Lucid
lettered feather parka, freezing

the stuff of one-liners.

In the shallows, recall a lone cat-
calling out for touch.

                                       walking moth to lighthouse, I must be still

                              reminded the thing I crave is not
               what I deserve

—nine hallowed months

               of breaths for a match burning


Isabel Yang (they/her) is a queer writer who lives and writes in and around Edmonton on Treaty 6 territory. Born in Wuhan, China, they immigrated to Canada as a child. At present, Isabel is completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta. Isabel’s work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in publications such as Room and Glass Buffalo. They can be found online @sblyang.