The Query Project

Plenitude Magazine has been asking around, checking in far and wide with queer Canadian writers—poets, novelists, playwrights, comic makers, spinners of short stories, journalists, and whoever else comes to mind.

We’ve been keen to discover the literature they’ve devoured and savoured, the books that inspired, impacted, and mentored them, and the works they recommend as being so completely worthwhile that we’re bettered by reading them.

And we’ve been curious, frankly, to discover the variety of their answers…who and what did these authors know that we didn’t?

As Plenitude continues to send out queries and authors continue to answer, our website is going to run The Query Project, regular posts of author recommendations as a revelatory series.

Besides getting a personal introduction to an admired or beloved piece of writing, you might also meet an author you may not know. And we’re hoping you’ll be as inspired by their choices as they were by the piece they’ve nominated.

The Query Project is edited by Brett Josef Grubisic. If you’d like to send a contribution or query, please contact him at

CLICK HERE for the full list of episodes.

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