Julia DaSilva Literature Poetry


She lives in one place and
one place only: the entrance

to a bakery where she has conjured
a swirling rainbow display of cupcakes she

pictures herself at the counter her voice
sweetens an octave for “two please” wheremid

she conjures in the cashier’s fingers
that plant the sticker on the box the

assurance that sticker will only be
plucked away when there are two

to conjure an arching future wheremid red
orange yellow blue food colouring she lives

only there: an achronicle, a powdered-sugar
spell that sifts into every time

so it runs out just before
the batch of icing that would congeal her hopes

Julia DaSilva’s poetry has appeared in Eclectica, Lychee Rind zine, Cathexis, Sapphic Writers Collective, Half A Grapefruit, High Shelf Press, and Reckoning. She writes fantasy as well as poetry, with a particular interest in the politics of magic systems. Her writing explores political responsibility, love, and embodiment in worlds coming apart and being rebuilt.