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Want Poem

Rob Colgate

Finn drowned me         he wanted to
there’s nowhere            to read this
and my rubber               filled with lungs
pushed the stretch        of my back
thin water                        no I’m sorry
white water                     yes it was
less costly to sink            the water
forced down into           the bleachings
into the drowning          of me by Finn
and yes I have done      something psychotic
hundreds of wars           have knocked
on apartment doors     and those were mine
at least until I took         myself into an ocean
and besides Finn          knew that was a lie
when drowning              and distance
and me                           wanted.

Rob Colgate is a poet from Evanston, Illinois. He holds a degree in psychology from Yale University and is currently pursuing his MFA with the New Writers Project at UT Austin. He is the author of the chapbook So Dark the Gap (Tammy, 2020) and can be found online at