James Collier Literature Poetry


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James Collier

anonymous bumps in the darkwe body and couple and   bodywe
strict    structures    just   too    tired    forwe   send   lovlies     that
we  wont  see  spoken  heardwe  dig  our  hands  into groinwe   fi
nd  associative   fat   and   complexwe  separate   the   tissues   an
d,   full   of   lovefull   of   love,   place   them   puzzle   pieces   on
to   the   stomachwe   tell  each   beautiful   thing  we  know,   taki
ng   turnswe  didnt   disclosewe   didnt  think  disclose    and   the
wrong   thing   words   out   the   lips  of   itwe  pretend   like  dist
ant   doesnt  make   the  hur    thing  so  closewe  couldnt  hear   t
he   violence   outloud  but   it  made   a  sound.we  couldnt   hear
the   violence   outloud  but  it  made  a  sound.we  couldnt    hear
the   violence   outloud   but   it   made  a  sound,  we could  nt   h
ear  the  violence  outl   oud/but  it  made  a  sound/we  coul      h
rthe     violence    out      loudbut    it   ma    a   sound                     /
cou    ld   made   aa   soundmmm         vio   l    sound/   violesoun


James Collier is a queer writer living on Treaty 6 territory currently studying at the University of Alberta. Their work has previously appeared in Glass Buffalo magazine, the Hart House Review, Homology Lit magazine and forthcoming in CV2.