bonny c.d. Literature Poetry

Interpretive jig

in my marbled monokini

I vein a new tract into yr comely cornea with my strong postured pubic stubble

And it issues forth laws on street parking and winter bans, and its many
             exurban mothers band together to ban my locked-hip public self, my unnatural
             monumental stiff dance moves

My thumbs hitched in the monokini’s skinny side-slits, hitchhiking the black
             highway that both departs from and arrives at ennui at each axillary

My laugh three quick sneaker scuffs on the exurban driveway
             we all agree to call ‘basketball court’
                                                                 bane           bane         bane

Longing lacquer, pink pearl unguent
A bullet of nail polish prone in the driveway, split down its middle by weight
             of minivan wheel, like a bloody cloven hoof

I take a minute to catch my breath with an intact butterfly net
And then another to become desirable after the fact

And now we can proceed


bonny c.d. (Benjamin C. Dugdale) is an experimental filmmaker and poet currently living in Atlantic Canada. Their award-winning short story, “Pekoe,” is free to read on GEIST. Their chapbook, Saint Rat O’Sphere’s Formica Canticle Poems, is available from Anstruther Press. More information can be found at