Goodbye and Hello: Introducing Our New Managing Editor

I began working on Plenitude just over four years ago. The first issue came out in the fall of 2012, and included both emerging and established writers such as Betsy Warland and Nancy Jo Cullen. From reading and selecting material, to designing epubs, to marketing–I was a volunteer staff of one, but cheered on by supportive mentors. Since then, things have really transformed. The editorial board has expanded to included Matthew Walsh, Anna Nobile and other guest editors; Kathleen Fraser has done everything from designing magazines and ads to copy editing, reading submissions and more; Malaika Aleba heads the social media and marketing; Rachna Contractor coordinates all our reviews–about twenty-five in 2015, compared with just a few in 2014; Brett Josef Grubisic curates a weekly Query Project series, which has led me to discover many queer books and authors; and the submissions keep coming–thank you!

After four years, the magazine truly has a life of its own, and a readership not only across Canada, but the world. I am thrilled to announce that Kathleen Fraser will be taking over my role as managing editor.

The magazine is in great hands!

–Andrea Routley


Kathleen Fraser

Kathleen Fraser is an editor working in Canadian academic publishing. She earned her BA in linguistics and English literature at the University of British Columbia and her master’s in publishing at Simon Fraser University. She lives in Montreal, where she hones the dual crafts of textile art and comma placement.

A word from the new managing editor:

I’ve been involved with Plenitude in various capacities for two years now, and I’m consistently inspired and delighted by the writing we publish and by the writers, readers, and editors I’m privileged to work with. So I’m psyched to help guide the magazine as it becomes a digital community space, where we host writing and discussions, connect emerging and established writers, provide resources to our communities, and unearth—and make anew—queer Canadian literary culture. Please reach out to me if you ever have any questions, suggestions, or criticisms!
Kathleen can be reached at editor(at)
For review queries, contact Rachna Contractor at reviews(at)
For marketing/partnership queries, contact Malaika Aleba at partners(at)