Literature Poetry Stacy Thomas


cooling my burned
thumb at the kitchen tap
I’d grasped the roasting
stick too high up

cold water rushing over
the raw spot

farther down
the stream
rinsing yellow plum
the neighbour brought over

tasting the sour

eye always wander out
I kept this
in a box, snug

I pull the lid off and it rises
out like a puff of mountain
smoke above the high trees

is someone making a fire
up there? who’s lighting
that fire?

when my worries leave me
I put one foot in a mountain

I’m numb
from high up far away
glacier weeping

lay flat and be covered
with ice

I’ve always

wanted this, to immerse
myself in complete

a secret
on the forest floor

Stacy Thomas (she/her) is a queer, neurodivergent former journalist studying creative writing at UBC. She writes queer YA fantasy fiction, poetry, essays and comics. Her poetry is published in Pearls, Front, Tofu Ink Arts and others. She was raised in the Okanagan on the territory of the Syilx people.