Literature Poetry Tiana Lavrova

Geomorphological Word Salad

Tiana Lavrova


Intracortical robed gymnosperm’s with the pH balanced mereology of a lobular,

meta-magical gardener snake flaring like a brazen-bull in a bleached, patternless (no arithmetic progression),

Starry Night tuxedo with the fabric of a Granny Smith fruit

pouring its xylem in the brain stem of a collared Andromedic asphalt terrace

that boils over sacramental church window panes of schizoidia mitochondrial thought that non-countable, Library of Babel-conceived children pluck on a harp

with a meta-cognitively advanced horsetail’s Blackfeet folklore’s carvings

like the toxoplasmosis carving over a whiskered, estral mesosphere’s permeating disk.

Courtyards of hemorrhaging saltine crackers lobotomized like the essence preceding existence of trigonometric dialysis in the finger nail creek,

so aptly translated into forestry with the diathesis-stress model of noise music.


Tiana Lavrova headshotTiana Lavrova, better known as Timaeus Lavrov, is an eighteen-year-old bi and non-binary avant-garde writer from northern British Columbia, Canada, with an interest in digital parts-to-whole philosophical musical instruments (something she’s working on); open source philosophical treatments (she adores the psych rights movement); and absolutist self-reliant living (she’s interested in free 3D printing access, too). Their interests also include unspeakable languages, ideonomical calculators, experimental music techniques, and Gaian thought-crime-free zones (she’ll talk about that another day). They have an interest in terms of teaching creative writing, in academia, too. They can finally be reached through their website,