Literature Poetry Ryan Dzelzkalns

False Lashes, Adam’s Apple

Ryan Dzelzkalns


We prefer the throbbing rib—your desire
                      where your sense used to be.

It’s easy to see us and forget all decency.
                         But that’s on you, boo boo.

Our surfaces do their necessary work.
                   Countouring as act of ablution.

Forgive us Father for we have finished
                              making ourselves small.

Crowds of nipples harden as we pass.
                     We, ourselves, are perfecting.

Irresistible in our updos and wings,
                                               we are terrible;

when the Beyoncé wind catches us,


Ryan Dzelzkalns headshotRyan Dzelzkalns has work appearing with Assaracus, DIAGRAM, The Offing, Rattle, Tin House, and others. He completed an MFA at New York University and a BA at Macalester College where he received the Wendy Parrish Poetry Award. He works for the Academy of American Poets and is the tallest man in New York. Read more at