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Roxanna Bennett


My father sticks in my throat a black clot
I won’t swallow     a stone swan sycamore
My father is a story I am stuck in to rot
a weather worn red boat on a rough river
My father stones the moat w lapis lazuli
drowns my medicine Buddha in red river
My father is a serpent     unsorry
whose X-rays reject the messenger
My father is     root cellar rabbit hole
I can’t climb out of     a ladder lectern light
My father starves the spectacle     charcoal
sketches of burnt down forests     graphite
lines of departure     inks atlases of sunk
gushers     lost daughters     ophiolite unloved


Roxanna Bennett headshotRoxanna Bennett is a disabled person living in Ontario, Canada. She is the author of The Uncertainty Principle (Tightrope Books, 2014), and her work has appeared in PRISM International, Arc Poetry Magazine, Poetry is Dead, Vallum, CV2, Cosmonauts Avenue, Qwerty, carte blanche, and many other publications.