Fiction Literature Penelope Evans

Poison Hemlock

Penelope Evans     ome kid thinks he saw poison hemlock up the trail, a good twenty-minute hike from the cabins. So I’m up there looking, even though I know there’s no poison hemlock around here, hasn’t been any in years, everyone who works at the camp knows this and I worked here...

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Anna Swanson Literature Poetry

Everything We Broke

Anna Swanson   First glass The world was a gala in its first pair of high-heeled shoes. A spin of sweat softball hair and twenty-year-old tuxedos. Miraculous older couples who appeared once a year. The world was two hundred lesbians in a rented hall and we were our first pair of shoes and this...

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Fiction Literature Reece Cochrane

The Quiet Revolution

Reece Cochrane   ad hauled the family from Chandler to Baie Comeau the day after Duplessis finally died. Good riddance, Dad had said, reading the morning’s paper. He wasn’t good for anyone, the bastard. And that was September 8. I won’t ever forget, because even though, at age nine, I...

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Carter Vance Literature Poetry

All Things Scarlet

Carter Vance   Coming down with something’s case, fever flush of card suits taken too literal, whiskey-faced haggling with diner shop case radio dials, dusty countertop linoleum for a place to rest comforted hands; I am no longer in darkened rooms with chalk sketches or star charts searching...

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Lisa Baird Literature Poetry

The Word for Secrets

Lisa Baird   The bleeding is supposed to stop once he goes on hormones, but it just gets worse. One doctor tells him, It’s like estrogen and testosterone are fighting inside you. He twists and spasms, medicates far over the recommended dose, soaks every towel in the house each month. You...

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Announcing the Inaugural Cornucopia Literary Prize

We are thrilled to announce our first-ever contest, the Cornucopia Literary Prize for fiction. The prize is open for submissions from September 15, 2016 until February 15, 2017, and is awarded to the best work of fiction by a LGBTTQI writer. We welcome submissions from writers of any...

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