Ambika Thompson Fiction Literature

Are You Jesus?

Ambika Thompson   was making an egg salad sandwich when Charlie called over. I told him, before he could get a word in edgewise, that I had lost a tooth in an egg salad sandwich when I was six and I never found it, and my parents didn’t give me any money under my pillow because I had...

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Kayla Czaga Literature Poetry

Naanwich Was the Last Thing

Kayla Czaga Do you remember the baseball diamond beside which we ate naanwich, Liz? It tasted nothing like butter chicken. We’d wandered all morning without eating and hunger revealed to us the aggression in nearby seagulls. I loved your light lisp, how softly you smelled of vegetable broth. I...

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Creative Non-fiction Greg Marshall Literature

Our Longest Point

Greg Marshall Only after Dad broke his neck diving into the ocean in Hawaii did we start playing tennis together. Partly, this was a matter of timing. I was ten at the time of the accident; Dad was forty-two. More importantly, though, it was a matter of handicapping. It took Dad fracturing his top...

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Literature Meaghan Rondeau Poetry

Meet the Author

Meaghan Rondeau 1999 I announce that I don’t want kids. My mom’s reply: “You’ll change your mind when you’re older. Life is meaningless—” She actually says this! I shit you not! Meaningless! “—without children.” Years later, I tell her that remark still bothers me. She says...

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Julian Paquette Literature Poetry

My Masculinity

Julian Paquette My masculinity is red and hot, excited and vibrant—a body that’s been too long ignored. An acutely sensitive organ of denial. My masculinity is tight and wants to loosen. I can feel the tension of repression against it. I can feel myself opening to my man. My voice lowering; my...

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Malaika Aleba Reviews

Review: The Things I Heard about You

Reviewed by Malaika Alex Leslie’s The Things I Heard about You is an experiment in language, editing, and meaning. The book of poems is divided into thirteen sections. Each section begins with a prose piece that Leslie edits down into a single phrase and in one case, just one word:...

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