Christine Higdon Fiction Literature

Promoted to Glory

Christine Higdon   omorrow, I’ll be the same age he was when he died. He was ten days short of seeing the first man on the moon. We six were abruptly short a father. Town was short a good neighbour, and the world was short a man who—true Salvation Army style—regularly brought street...

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Erin McIntosh Literature Poetry

fragments from the belly of the whale

Erin McIntosh   they told me i would be like jonah, minus the comfort of speaking directly to god. i told them alright. all is well. stuck swimming in my own little world, waiting for the whale my saviour to scoop me up in his jaws, some man who could carry me to where i needed to be. i want...

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Literature Lucas Crawford Poetry

I Lie on the High Line

 Lucas Crawford   I. I never went to the High Line or sucked transgender clit or dick. I never asked for three free samples at Milk Bar’s lower eastside locale; it’s just that I never find enough to lick. I never asked a stranger to pull over his car so I could take a hot dump in the...

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Julian Gunn Literature Poetry


Julian Gunn   Lemon drops. Bitter torque. Al Pacino cruising for watersports. Born again by stoma, your new topology. A hole as always the gap of meaning. In medias res: Seattle. Nephrophilia. The scene in the basement. The old boyfriend pissing on the floor. A student of the body on hands and...

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Andy Sinclair Fiction Literature

The Henry Moores

Andy Sinclair   orry for the impersonal nature of this message but I wanted to let you all know that I am making a clean start! Dave and I have decided to part ways and in addition to his new girlfriend Jenna, he has found a new partner for the clinic. With Kayla in Montreal at school (and...

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Interviews Matthew Walsh

Arleen Paré on Writing Tough Poems

by Matthew Walsh   Arleen Paré, author of Paper Trail, Leaving Now and the Governor General’s Award-winning book Lake of Two Mountains (Brick Books, 2014), has a new collection out this year, landing right on the heels of her last book. He Leaves His Face in the Funeral Car (Caitlin Press...

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Cathleen With The Query Project

Cathleen With, Vancouver

When I was younger there were three books that had great influence on me, for different reasons. The Handmaid’s Tale was one. And when I read it, I immediately started reading it again. Because there was a lesbian in it. Never mind she wasn’t the main character (though I often made the main...

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