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The Query Project Trevor Corkum

Trevor Corkum, Toronto

“I’ve always been a fan of restraint, in both literature and life—what’s held back, what’s not said, the untold story unfolding and germinating underneath the main action. I’m a fan of the short stories of Adam Haslett, Amy Hempel and Neil Smith (among many, many others) for this...

Larissa Lai The Query Project Writers’ Room

Larissa Lai, Calgary & Vancouver

Serendipitous Corruptions and Erroneous Ghosts in the Culture Queer Sea: An Amble through jam ismail’s Work   hibiscus mentioned that mushrooms are good for cholesterol. jaggery scoffed:         what d’you mean, good for! chesnut dehisced:            she means...

Nairne Holtz The Query Project Writers’ Room

Nairne Holtz, Hamilton

When Plenitude invited me to write about a book, I was paralyzed. You see, I’m like the guys who work in the record store in Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity with their top-five lists of songs for every occasion. Except instead of songs, I have top-five book lists.
 For instance, I could do a...

Anne Fleming The Query Project Writers’ Room

Anne Fleming, Kelowna & Vancouver

“If you scan my bookshelves you can pick out the books I gobbled up coming out in the ’80s—the green-spined Virago re-issues of lost women’s classics, the zebra-striped spines of The Women’s Press with the little clothes-iron colophon (so clever! so ironic!) and ‘Steaming...

Daniel Zomparelli The Query Project Writers’ Room

Daniel Zomparelli, Vancouver

“There are three books by three different people that I can’t stop recommending. These are the books I read over and over again while writing Davie Street Translations (Talonbooks). The three books being Billeh Nickerson’s The Asthmatic Glassblower (Arsenal Pulp Press), Sina Queyras’...