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Sarah Ellis on Writing for Young People

by Matthew Walsh   Sarah Ellis is a YA and children’s literature writer whose work has garnered her some notable awards, including the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence and the Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature. She has also worked as...

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Sassafras Lowrey on Queering Peter Pan

Interview by Matthew Walsh Sassafras Lowrey’s most recent novel, Lost Boi, was released a few months ago with Arsenal Pulp Press, and it has already gone into a second printing. Lowrey has even been recognized on the streets of Brooklyn, where they live, by fans of the book, which takes the fairy...

Interviews Matthew Walsh Writers’ Room

Catching up with Jillian Christmas

Interview by Matthew Walsh   Jillian Christmas is a powerful force in the spoken word and slam poetry scene. Many of our readers are already familiar with Christmas’s work both in Vancouver and nation-wide. I had the lovely surprise of attending the reading series Chicken Sessions...