Category - Poetry

Betsy Warland Literature Poetry

Without, With, Without: a Pastiche

Betsy Warland   on the nipple of the city we watch clouds life off mountains slow motion bedsheet lovers barely breathing as the lips of night close the Henry Moore gleams cold and bronze pelvic bone maze we enter, lose one another in magenta murmuring we throb, sense each other rapping knuckles...

Fawn Parker Literature Poetry


Fawn Parker   I should’ve stayed there in the halo of your gleaming macbook pro, your chastity plate, your voodoo object. But I got distracted, wondering how many times this has been done better to you before. Hard to believe just yesterday I was in the bathroom, my face smothered in rose...

Julietta Singh Literature Poetry

Tenacities of Failure

(for Jack Halberstam) Julietta Singh   We are the dispossessed, the voices         of histories lost We are the queers, the dis-         abled, the darkies, niggers, Jews the indigenous of everywhere We are the...

Literature Mitchell King Poetry

Star Fag

Mitchell King   I draw myself with smearing wrists unlifting and end up with three charcoal mouths talking into each other, leaving my body to her own devices; counting the brown hair on his forearm, counting the gray fuzz on his puppy-tongue, wishing to dissolve my identity in glitter and...

Adèle Barclay Literature Poetry

Sour Beer for Bitter Hearts

Adèle Barclay   I forgot about my necklace in your mouth but then we spoke so easily on a heated patio in the brightest dying light of the newest year. I was busy casting you as a sorry Justin Bieber but really you’re as handsome and persistent as a meme and I’m a soft space for your sad...

Jane Byers Literature Poetry

What Lesbians Wear to the Mall

Jane Byers   A phys-ed teacher in Belleville, Ontario, who can’t come out invites me to do a lesbian “show and tell” in health class. The girls are quiet but fidgety while she introduces me, a picture of normal—chinos, pastel cardigan, Birkenstocks. Portray a boring life that is...

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