Category - Poetry

Emily Sanford Literature Poetry

This dance is not optional

Emily Sanford   This dance is not optional nor occasional: it is a rifle at the knees with a rattlesnake beat at high noon sometimes a precipice leap and sometimes a slow and sure-footed sway widdershins on sacred air— it is unending, blood pooled from a pebble in the insole, a fast turn...

Anna Swanson Literature Poetry

Everything We Broke

Anna Swanson   First glass The world was a gala in its first pair of high-heeled shoes. A spin of sweat softball hair and twenty-year-old tuxedos. Miraculous older couples who appeared once a year. The world was two hundred lesbians in a rented hall and we were our first pair of shoes and this...

Carter Vance Literature Poetry

All Things Scarlet

Carter Vance   Coming down with something’s case, fever flush of card suits taken too literal, whiskey-faced haggling with diner shop case radio dials, dusty countertop linoleum for a place to rest comforted hands; I am no longer in darkened rooms with chalk sketches or star charts searching...

Lisa Baird Literature Poetry

The Word for Secrets

Lisa Baird   The bleeding is supposed to stop once he goes on hormones, but it just gets worse. One doctor tells him, It’s like estrogen and testosterone are fighting inside you. He twists and spasms, medicates far over the recommended dose, soaks every towel in the house each month. You...

Literature Poetry Trenton Pollard

The Vertigo of Eros

                                    after Roberto Matta Trenton Pollard   I left the bed of another, did not make it back to yours. Jettisoned in flight from the tip of the dragonfly’s wing I drowned in flame-ripples. Searched for you in black boxes & floating...

Literature Nolan Natasha Pike Poetry


Nolan Natasha Pike   The motorcycle jacket my mom brought home from Denmark, small enough for my niece now. Around the house mostly, never to school. Cindy and me punching each other on the hide—against our fists, the sound thick—             and smoking too, in the backs of...

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