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Literature Mónica Gomery Poetry


Mónica Gomery   Baby, I went to seminary for theology. They taught me every Thou is a funnel for the big bright You. They taught me God’s erotics would come to me in dreams. Put your queer shoulder to the wheel they said and push your palm into the centre of the earth, love dissolves...

Literature Poetry Prathna Lor

There is a time for making and a time for snow

Prathna Lor   There is a time for making and a time for snow. Thinking. No one is there to hear the thinking. Staring out across river, the brownness drinks. Feeling vertiginous, candy. Slender in calling. Down out at the bottom, reeling and laughing. The fishermen float over. Cast down a...

Anna Navarro Literature Poetry


Anna Navarro   Think of the word the one that smothers your tongue on blistering days in July, is cool and sweet about it, lazes on your slack pink muscle, knows it belongs there. Think of the word and bite down on it, crush the figure of it like finger bones, force a grimace onto it until...

Literature Nolan Natasha Pike Poetry


Nolan Natasha Pike   the word carries more in its belly than I can make you understand. that’s why I want to talk about it. it’s not just that it means one thing written in heavy books from the university press and another in your mouth as an answer and another on the stall door and...

Literature Lynne Sargent Poetry

Pointed Needs

Lynne Sargent   I grind your cum into the corner of the mattress before sealing my whole sodden thing with my underwear. Grind because my body remembers yours beneath it. It is still primed for pleasure. Cum because it is the orgasmic that is of importance. Not reproduction, not shame. Into...

Literature N. Page Poetry

Degrowth Chart

N. Page   Shear my hair to its roots, ‘til I’m bare. I’m ready to reset, to begin again as whoever I was three years before. Shampoo intruded on my eyes too often anyway, and pomade was stubborn, took hours to wash away. My clothes started to bully me. My kicks kicked back. The jewellery...

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