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Literature Poetry Sadie McCarney


Sadie McCarney   I had to go and shear those craters in my hair, locked in my bucolic boarding school dorm room with sewing scissors and an androgynous ache. I was fifteen. The local “walk-ins welcome” didn’t know what to make of my head like the moon, so they buzzed the whole thing...

Fiction Jasper Sanchez Literature

Every Colour at Hand

Jasper Sanchez   You’re in an art store, halfway down the paint aisle. You’re thumbing tubes of acrylic, the aluminum casing cold against your skin. You’ve got iridescent gold in one fist, and you’re debating the merits of five shades of blue with your free hand. What’s the...

Dani Couture Literature Poetry

A Brief History

Dani Couture   “De proche en proche, votre science mettra notre espèce à l’abri…” — J.-H. Rosny aîné (Joseph Henri Honoré Boex), Les Navigateurs de l’infini   Witness to a bloom of false jellies that alternate between yellow smiley face Thank Yous and black Come...

Fiction Li Charmaine Anne Literature

Pink Ladies

Li Charmaine Anne   he movers had long left the new neighbours’ house, and for the last few days, silence had rushed into the space they’d carved out. Grace could hear the birds gain. Listening, she lay beneath her bedroom window in a pool of sunlight while the window’s slats beamed a...

Gwen Benaway Literature Poetry


Gwen Benaway   my chances dissolve like ice flows on the river. everyone is already found, I’m the only girl left. I watch them cross streets, move like sparrows home trail voices across the city to cornerstores at 4 am, I waited too long to be, I can give her nothing she wants or...

Literature Maureen Hynes Poetry

Staying Away from the Grand (River)

Maureen Hynes   The river was sour then, not yet sweetened by soda effluent or her declarations. We were searching for a double bed over the frothing gorge in a town full of strangers who knew. A few years ago, you might have been beaten up, said a friend. Something witchlike in us though we...

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