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Literature Poetry Tess Liem

Selling It

Tess Liem   Men yell at each other at the fish market in Tokyo or so I’m told. I want to be a respectable monger like them. Instead I peddle analogies in which I am a whole catch of Alaskan crabs, creatures susceptible to sea sickness. I live on the floor not in the waves. Meanwhile, men...

Fiction Literature Ron Schafrick

Two Friends

Ron Schafrick   t’s June again, which means another Pride, only this year it’s raining, and I’m glad. I’m with my friend Glace and we’re sitting in a restaurant on Church Street. It’s Saturday night, and ordinarily on Pride weekend you can forget about finding an eatery with a free...

Jake Byrne Literature Poetry


Jake Byrne   I got into inpatient She smiles bone-dry Caliper the fat on my hard palate Her skeleton grimaces I scrape a little mould off some cheddar with the blunt edge of a butter knife So happy in uncomplicated ways these days A sun salutation expels exactly sixteen calories The goose’s...

Casey Plett Fiction Literature

Little Fish

Casey Plett   he night Wendy’s Oma died, she had sex dreams. Only sometimes did she have sex dreams—usually Wendy had nightmares and usually she was being chased or hurt. But this morning in her dreams when her Oma died, a girl was fucking her over an old television in an abandoned...

Literature Poetry Sadie McCarney


Sadie McCarney   I had to go and shear those craters in my hair, locked in my bucolic boarding school dorm room with sewing scissors and an androgynous ache. I was fifteen. The local “walk-ins welcome” didn’t know what to make of my head like the moon, so they buzzed the whole thing...

Fiction Jasper Sanchez Literature

Every Colour at Hand

Jasper Sanchez   You’re in an art store, halfway down the paint aisle. You’re thumbing tubes of acrylic, the aluminum casing cold against your skin. You’ve got iridescent gold in one fist, and you’re debating the merits of five shades of blue with your free hand. What’s the...

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