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Literature Poetry Sugar le Fae

A Body in the Dark

Sugar le Fae   I’m too many men’s maybe if their girlfriend leaves them. I look like a man. By every metric, I am. I never thought I wasn’t, but I’m not. Everybody knows, who talks to or watches me walk or gesture. Even in my boy clothes. So, I’m genderqueer. Because...

Jennie Chantal Duguay Literature Poetry

Learning How to Be Sick

Jennie Chantal Duguay   The crows have their routine, I have mine. For five hundred days they cross the path of my body. Horizontal in bed I watch dusk drape a thousand black wings in threads of gold or silver. How high or low they fly, how playful or solemn, the volume of their company all...

Kyla Jamieson Literature Poetry

Dear Kayla

Kyla Jamieson   In all my nightmares I’m a model again, on set trying not to eat or lose my mind. When my body was my product I always felt almost run out, like one day I’d wake up and none of me would be left. At eighteen my agent told me vodka shots and splenda and sent me to Sydney to...

Eli Tareq Lynch Literature Poetry

yt people think i’m yt like

Eli Tareq Lynch i. yt ppl think i’m yt like it’s a compliment brown ppl think i’m yt as though it’s a shame i didn’t turn out less gay tackled on both ends when the yt woman on the metro stares at me with plz die eyes before she gets off at laurier while brown ppl in the middle east stare...

Jory Mickelson Literature Poetry


Jory Mickelson   Often, day goes sweetly as a bird returning to the branch it loves most to watch the waters of the lake on lazy afternoons. Say the tree is a shade oak. Say the bird’s not a bird at all, but a boy who’s learned to keep his wings. He spends his few hours crossing water from...

Dominik Parisien Literature Poetry


Dominik Parisien   I learned jealousy reading of a boy who kissed a wall. Oliver kissed here scribbled on the brick. I knew, then, love was breathing yourself into another; how boys feared getting caught losing themselves through their lips. And here was Oliver, who could have carried me with...

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