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Literature Poetry Rachael Jordan


Rachael Jordan   ­ 1. She bleeds scents and shows me with a knife. She scrapes the blade down the inside of her arm, a single red line sprouting from the touch. After a moment, burnt orange surrounds, creeps into the pores of my body. Lifting her shirt, she takes the knife and draws a...

Literature Poetry Tiana Lavrova

Geomorphological Word Salad

Tiana Lavrova   Intracortical robed gymnosperm’s with the pH balanced mereology of a lobular, meta-magical gardener snake flaring like a brazen-bull in a bleached, patternless (no arithmetic progression), Starry Night tuxedo with the fabric of a Granny Smith fruit pouring its xylem in...

C. E. Gatchalian Creative Non-fiction Literature

On A Streetcar Named Desire

C. E. Gatchalian   In short, I woke up and began feeling, if not yet living, outside my head. That’s what happened when I first encountered A Streetcar Named Desire. May 5, 1987 Spent seven hours again today practising. After not a single first-place finish at the festival I must do...

Lindsay Miles Literature Poetry


Lindsay Miles   One hundred percent recycled material. Conversations about purity. My god you are beautiful. A copy of a copy of a copy of a. Family receives a shipment of fruit and other things that have to happen now. Today is suitably warm. In the beginning there were multiple trees. It’s...

Anthony DiPietro Literature Poetry

Grindr User Agreement

Anthony DiPietro   If a user asks what clothes and pose you want him ready in when you step across his threshold— ass up, naked, like his photo?—do not mistake his kindness for philanthropy. You may, on recognition of false statements or visual representations— his profile pic’s not...

Literature Poetry Sara Bess


Sara Bess   I am the only one here with all my fingers. My boss is impressed with this and the fact that I have never shot myself with a nail gun, though I am afraid of the loud noises of the air compressor of the dust and the splinters. I am careful with my hands. By Friday my mucus is...

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