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James Collier Literature Poetry


(For mobile devices, this poem is best read in orientation / landscape screen mode.) James Collier anonymous bumps in the darkwe body and couple and   bodywe strict    structures    just   too    tired    forwe   send   lovlies     that we  wont  see  spoken  heardwe  dig ...

Literature Poetry Zoë Johnson


Zoë Johnson I dunno When I talk about my gender, I always end up leaning s i d e w a y s My vertebrae begin to bend into               the shape of the word sorta See, I’ve been trying to solve the equation Of internal chickness and dude-ittude for years But when I try plotting the...

A. Light Zachary Literature Poetry

Friday nights at the bigender drive-in

A. Light Zachary A movie called Alien vs. Predator in which we go back in time to fight everyone who hurt us when we were young. A movie called Cowboys vs. Aliens about watching our backs at the club. A movie called Village of the Damned about our neighbourhood. A version of Invasion of the Body...

D. Simon Turner Literature Poetry


D. Simon Turner The scariest part was that they liked you, making jokes about the dick you don’t have. And there were some days you’d rather not sit with them at 9am “lunch,” congregating with the regularity of high-school cafeterias. Like the day when, each time you stood, you glanced at...

Fiction Literature Ron Schafrick

The Magazine

Ron Schafrick f it was supposedly commonplace in the mythic suburban dream of the sixties and seventies for fathers to teach their sons how to throw a ball or how to make a fist to defend themselves, my father not only didn’t know it but he also would have regarded such things as useless and...

Literature Matthew Walsh Poetry

The Embassy

Matthew Walsh Still feel the nerve in my neck snap back at me, injury from when I fell down the stairs of the Embassy, stairs now vibrant with exes orange and aquarium light. If I was floating in the galaxy with fresh new stars when they put me in the tube shoot me to the moon my brain will...

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