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Fiction Literature Penelope Evans

Poison Hemlock

Penelope Evans     ome kid thinks he saw poison hemlock up the trail, a good twenty-minute hike from the cabins. So I’m up there looking, even though I know there’s no poison hemlock around here, hasn’t been any in years, everyone who works at the camp knows this and I worked here...

Fiction Literature Reece Cochrane

The Quiet Revolution

Reece Cochrane   ad hauled the family from Chandler to Baie Comeau the day after Duplessis finally died. Good riddance, Dad had said, reading the morning’s paper. He wasn’t good for anyone, the bastard. And that was September 8. I won’t ever forget, because even though, at age nine, I...

Andréa Raymond Fiction Literature


Andréa Raymond   ith studied slowness, Danny pulls our beat-up white van into the parking lot of Cullards’s Diner, another dubious stop on the Folk Music festival circuit taking us through California. Poor Danny. He’s a gay man, a kick-ass bassist, and the only member of our band, Nebula...

Fiction Literature Sarah Thankam Mathews


Sarah Thankam Mathews   ic wants to make brownies but first needs a smoke. You stare up at the bright cliffs of books lining her walls. The ones she’s written aren’t displayed prominently; they’re shoved off into corners or placed upside down. On one of the shelves is a gilt-framed...

Fiction Literature Suzette Mayr

Pencil Head

Suzette Mayr   This story is an excerpt from “Five Floors of Basement” (working title), a quasi-haunted-house novel that centres on a university professor named Edith who works at the fictional University of Inivea. Her office is in Crawley Hall, a building that produces...

Ambika Thompson Fiction Literature

Are You Jesus?

Ambika Thompson   was making an egg salad sandwich when Charlie called over. I told him, before he could get a word in edgewise, that I had lost a tooth in an egg salad sandwich when I was six and I never found it, and my parents didn’t give me any money under my pillow because I had...

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