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Andy Sinclair Fiction Literature

The Henry Moores

Andy Sinclair   orry for the impersonal nature of this message but I wanted to let you all know that I am making a clean start! Dave and I have decided to part ways and in addition to his new girlfriend Jenna, he has found a new partner for the clinic. With Kayla in Montreal at school (and...

Fiction Literature Meaghan Loraas


Meaghan Loraas rian is irritated that the television isn’t working. I tell him not to do it but he’s sixteen and he does what he wants. He grabs my broom. He inspects the handle end, as if that will make a difference to his genius plan. It’s hailing outside. My wife is in the kitchen with the...

Fiction Literature Morgan M Page


He's got one hand on the wheel and the other on her thigh, and Mae can't quite remember but she's pretty sure this is what love feels like. Continue Reading Rental

Fiction Jen Currin Literature

Beach Story

One ex-wife was looking sexy in a retro green bikini with a built-in, conish bra. She seemed taller than she had the summer before, her legs longer, her toenails redder. Continue Reading Beach Story

Fiction Literature Rachel Charlene Lewis

From the Paint Stains

Rachel Charlene Lewis   keep losing my colouring; I am a blob of human. I should probably see a therapist, but for now I’ll stick to drinking a lot of wine and baking. I’m baking now, combining ingredients for pie filling, but I can’t stop thinking. I think I need more wine. Two weeks...

Fiction Literature Taylor Basso

Like Magic

Taylor Basso   he cab was long gone but they were still standing in the same spot where they got out. Mario had handed the driver a twenty, didn’t even bother asking for change even though it was an eight-dollar fare at best. They weren’t supposed to stop where they had, a green belt...

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