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Evelyn Deshane Fiction Literature

The Lesbian Time Traveller

Evelyn Deshane   re you a virgin?” Emily was flummoxed. Sure, she was in her doctor’s office, and Dr. Rebecca Rosenberg had asked invasive questions right off the bat in the past, but this was still a bit too much. Semantically, at least. Because Emily Flowers, twenty-four, a...

Fiction Literature Matthew Harris

Making the Night

Matthew Harris   ’m meeting Francisco tonight, and that’s when I’ll finally have my moment. I finished at the coffee shop at five. Afterwards, I ran into Celeste at the LCBO. Celeste is tall and always busy—you’re lucky if she pays attention to you. “Hey Fag,” she said, rushing...

Ami Sands Brodoff Fiction Literature

The Arrangement

Ami Sands Brodoff   Fact or Myth In fertile cervical liquid, sperm can live up to five days atalie and Rachel huddled together doing their happy dance, splashing strangers as they sang “Ring Around the Rosy,” as if they were kids, while I leaned against the edge of the rooftop heated...

Fiction Georgina Beaty Literature


Georgina Beaty   veryone was in the middle of a game when Yvonne walked in, an hour late to her own baby shower. The living room was crowded with Lindy’s colleagues: the gym teacher, vice-principal and a few other teachers Yvonne didn’t recognize. Lindy’s grade-12 drama students leaned...

Fiction Glen Huser Literature

Coffee Boys

Glen Huser   hen the Laundromat that anchored the west corner of his high rise was transformed into a coffee shop, Adam celebrated by inviting his two closest friends to the opening. There had been complimentary coffee coupons in the mailboxes of all the tenants of the building and some of...

Alex Leslie Fiction Literature

Excerpt: We All Need to Eat

Alex Leslie   We All Need to Eat (Book*hug, 2018) is a collection of linked stories from award-winning author Alex Leslie that revolves around Soma, a young queer woman in Vancouver. Through thoughtful and probing narratives, each story chronicles a sea change in Soma’s life. Lyrical...

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