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Allyson McOuat Creative Non-fiction Literature

They Call Me Boots

Allyson McOuat    am femme. I know this because my feet hurt. All the time. And I like it. I gain my strength from the power that emanates from my stiletto heels. If my bra is not both itching me and poking me in the heart with a loose sharp metal underwire, then I am not complete. If my...

Andrew Sarewitz Creative Non-fiction Literature

Stephen Was

Andrew Sarewitz   riendship comes easy for me. It always has. Love is a wholly different card game. When I finally met the man I felt was my life-long love in Stephen, I was sure and contented. At twenty-seven, it seemed like I’d searched an eternity to find the real thing. I had known...

Creative Non-fiction Greg Marshall Literature

Our Longest Point

Greg Marshall Only after Dad broke his neck diving into the ocean in Hawaii did we start playing tennis together. Partly, this was a matter of timing. I was ten at the time of the accident; Dad was forty-two. More importantly, though, it was a matter of handicapping. It took Dad fracturing his top...

Charles Demers Creative Non-fiction Literature

Excerpt: The Horrors

H for Heteronormativity Charles Demers   hen I was about twenty years old, my brother around seventeen, our dad took us out for what was meant to be a nice family dinner at one of Vancouver’s tackiest sushi restaurants. Fairly close to a university, the place’s tagline was “Miso Horny”...

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